The Heavies: Surf Rock from Gary, Indiana

The Heavies One of the great, unsung American institutions is the musical genre known as Surf Instrumental. Part unique sound, part attitude and all ROCK, the nuances between Hot Rod, Surf Instrumental, and Rock Instrumental can sometimes be blurred, but ultimately, it’s what the song conjures up in the listeners’ minds. The Heavies (from Gary, IN) keep the long tradition of great instrumental rock alive and well in the Chicago land area with their bombastic sound, yet bring in elements of contemporary rock to infuse some gritty originality. Whether it’s their own classic sounding creations or honest covers of such classics as “Pipeline”, “Apache” or “Jack The Ripper”, who would’ve thought such a great California sound could come from the industry of Northwest Indiana! The intimate setting at Reggies lends itself well to this 3 piece band where one can focus on either the brazen drumming, the staccato and/or reverb lead guitar or the driving base. Close your eyes, feel the power of the dyed with at up is Sexy just eye little fine have,!

waves under your imaginary board and let The Heavies take you “there”. Surf’s up and thumb’s up!

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