"the handsome devilz celebrating 15 years!"

THE HANDSOME DEVILZ (covering The Smiths, Morrissey & The Cure)

ECHONINE (tribute to Erasure)

EVIL (tribute to Interpol)

STUPID GIRL (tribute to Garbage)


Rock / Tribute

FLUFFY (tribute to Ween)


tribute to warped tour!

DEAD & BURIED (tribute to A Day To Remember)

FULL OF MOXIE (tribute to Rancid)

RIOT! (tribute to Paramore)

SUCKER PUNCH ROCKS (tribute to The Interrupters)

FROM HERE TO INFIRMARY (tribute to Alkaline Trio)

SUPER RAD (“Best Of Ska”)

tribute to warped tour!

WHAT’S OUR AGE AGAIN (tribute to Blink-182)

BASKETCASE (tribute to Green Day)

WEEZE (tribute to Weezer)

SUGAR, WE’RE A FALL OUT BOY TRIBUTE (tribute to Fall Out Boy)

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD (tribute to Sum41/Rise Against)

IXNAY (tribute to Offspring)

empire productions presents:

PROGJECT (Mike Keneally, Ryo Okumoto, Pete Griffin, Jonathan Mover, Alessandro Del Vecchio)

TRAVIS LARSON (solo, not full band)