REGGIES INTERNSHIPS – Apply Spring 2016!

REGGIES INTERNSHIPS – Apply Spring 2016!

Need something to do this upcoming spring? How about an internship at your local bar, record store AND music venue, Reggies? (because c’mon we all know whatever cute skills you got in class aren’t going to get you employed).

In the first couple weeks you’ll find out how those colorful posters end up tacked on walls across the venue – interns. Boring sure at moments, but necessary. While you’re in the bathrooms (guy’s somehow always smell worse) you gotta make sure everything is up to date and that you’re not repeating the same posters in the same room. Seriously, all the other people at Reggies will appreciate you if you take a few moments to look at the posters that are already on the wall.

Other duties include changing posters in the menu backs for the Joint and Rooftop Bar (sometimes still damp from a beer spill the night before) and updating the upcoming shows on the black felt boards. You know those things you see advertising next week’s shows next to the bouncer checking your ID? Those will be in your capable hands; handle your new responsibility with care. Nothing’s worse than an uneven or inaccurate felt board (mostly because someone’s gotta fix your hack work).

Interns are also part of the street-team. Unlike other venues across the city, Reggies’ street team gets to ride one of the custom-painted buses waiting in the lot behind the venue. If you’re new to the city, the street team is a great way to find out what’s going on – which cafés serve great bagels and espressos, which record stores are worth visiting when you’ve got more time to peruse their wares and even where the practice spaces are, should you happen to be in a band.

At some point, if we deem you worthy and you’re not completely lazy, you’ve got the opportunity to migrate to other tasks. I mostly do writing, so I started writing entries for this blog you see in front of you. The blog is basically a semi-regular update on what’s going on at Reggies – topics include staff picks for new vinyl at Record Breakers, random music facts and reviews of shows. Most everybody will spend some time with Reggies’ social media, taking pictures of shows or updating events on Facebook. If you’re into photography, our IT guy could use found videos from YouTube of visiting acts to make montages of upcoming shows for the bars downstairs. For those of you with your own DSLR, you got backstage access as an intern to practice your show photography.

Top two things I got to do being and intern at Reggies: I had the opportunity to start an in-store showcase in Record Breakers and work at Mac N’ Cheese Fest (yes such a thing exists; the gods have answered our prayers). For the in-store showcase, I learned how to book bands for a show, use social media to promote the show and bands, create a poster for the show (display “FREE SHOW” prominently) and find the people to get the production all set up for the stage – which is actually a swatch of carpet behind the counter. At mac n’ cheese fest I got into a $60.00 event for free and ate my weight in Reggies’ cheesy noodles for free. Totally worth the stomach ache.

No matter what part of the music industry you’re interested in (or still figuring out who does what in the business), Reggies has something to show you. If you’re interested in applying to be an intern this upcoming Spring 2016 (and get half-off those aforementioned cheesy noodles or legendary ribs if you’re into meat) email with your resume. We might be getting back to you.

– Jenn Endless