On 7/14 Davy Jones’ Band Member/Producer Johnny J. Blair Pays Tribute to Monkees Legend

Davy Jones’ Band Member/Producer Johnny J. Blair Pays Tribute to Monkees Legend at Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago

Chicago, IL – Johnny J. Blair “Singer at Large” will be performing live at Reggie’s Music Joint at 2105 S. State St. in Chicago on Saturday, July 14th, 2012. Blair, who was the bass player for the Davy Jones Band and The Monkees touring band, will be playing his own original music, quality. Lol. For like it rash great in I!

including the world premiere of songs from a new album paying tribute to his friend and Monkees legend Davy Jones. Jones passed away earlier this year from a heart attack.

Blair met Jones in the summer of 1993. Working alongside Jones as a music producer and band member, the two developed a strong kinship that lasted until Jones’ untimely death.

“Davy told me I was the brother he never had,” said Blair. “We always had each others’ back. It’s totally unreal to me that he’s gone,” Blair added.

In the 19 years that the pair collaborated, Blair produced many of Jones’ songs and albums. Jones also appeared on tracks for Blair’s solo albums, such as in the monologue on “Exotic Animals and Beaches of Pennsylvania” from Blair’s 2007 album “Grateful”.

Blair and Jones also collaborated on unreleased tracks which, along with all new material written and performed by Blair, will be included on the upcoming album.

Blair said that Jones’ fans will recognize Davy in the music, while also getting a glimpse of the friend that he intimately knew.

“There are many things that people don’t know about Davy Jones, such as his love of country music and artists such as Johnnie Ray. I want fans to understand what a dynamic guy he was,” said Blair.

“With his high energy, up-beat personality and work ethic, Davy Jones will forever serve as an inspiration to not only myself, but all performers,” Blair ended.

Johnny J. Blair is headlining the show at Reggie’s Music Joint which begins at 8:00 PM, Sat, July 14, 2012. Also on the bill are local Chicago favorites Resurrection Larry and Jupiter Theory. Ages 21 and older. Admission is $5. For more information visit http://www.reggieslive.com or http://www.johnnyjblair.com . To book Johnny J. Blair, contact American Media Management at 312-233-2866.

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