Yung Van


Songwriter and producer yung van has been steadily making waves in the underground. The Kentucky-based alternative singer has built a strong and loyal fanbase by being vulnerable in his lyrics and staying true to himself on social media.

With the underground success of “I waited on you, you never came” released in 2017, yung van followed up with 2021’s “Goblin Kid” Album. Including features from guardin, demxntia, and Powfu, this project is packed with genre-bending tracks that push the boundaries of yung van’s already massive catalog. After a successful release, yung van dropped “don’t change the channel”, an alternative album he started working on shortly after Goblin Kid.

With over 50M+ streams worldwide on Spotify alone, yung van’s impact on the underground music scene is immense. Battling with the trauma of losing his best friend and the ever-changing emotions of growing older yung van delivers a message that is both simple and honest. Using music as his emotional outlet the motivation for each song comes in the moment.

thanks for listening to my music, I love you ❤️