Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique is a cadre of musicians steeping rooms and lounges alike in an atmosphere of southern jazz that guides audiences through narratives haunted by ghosts, devils, and personal tragedy. The band is a culmination of Warren’s previous projects from the clove-scented mystique and gothic beginnings with the Merrie Murder of Gloomadeers to the damned western narratives found in his solo touring. Rather than pick through tatters of those projects, the jazz infused narratives create a tapestry out of Warren’s classical and folk guitar composures allowing for a music experience of rich texture. In a single song a listener can drink alongside a vicious jazz tempo accompanied by Warren’s poisonous lyrics and be lead along with his own change of perspective into a song that caresses and venerates the once-damned subject. The band that has become Le Leek Electrique brings back previous project musicians Tex Bosley and Dan Dockrill as well as honed and trained performers Mike Shields, Matt Moore, Zach Landreneau, and Ryan Williams. Their performances are to be heartily drunken to, appreciated alone or with company, and listened to repeatedly with each listen peeling back layers of unique musicianship, lyrics, and storytelling.

~ Rob King – 2012