Urine Hell


In Chicago, it’s not fun with the names of groups. Urine Hell was not only noticed for [their] name but especially for [their] first (virtual) demo in December 2020. The group returns with Weakling, a four-track cassette on Already Dead Tapes and the jet is monstrously good. And corrosive, wickedly incisive. Not really noise-rock in the historical lineage of many bands from Chicago but a little bit with Chat Pile or Bruges inside and Dazzling Killmen also in the intentions, that is to say a more unhealthy, tortured, distressing approach, a song between the spoken and psychopathic mode for a unique result which takes the guts to better return them. Diabolically intense and hellish like the end of Judas Song.
–Perte & Fracas (translated from French)