Strangers in the Night with original subtitle A Double Live Album is a live album by the British rock band UFO, first released in 1979 (see 1979 in music) on the Chrysalis label.

“Hello Chicago! Would you please welcome from England, U! F! O!”

During the hard rockin’ high-times of the ’70s, the live album achieved iconic status. During the era of excess, the double live album ruled turntables. In January of 1979, with five previous studio albums recorded under their contract with Chrysalis Records, UFO issued Strangers in the Night. In my humble opinion, this LP stands as the greatest official concert recording ever unleashed from the wild world of hard rock and heavy metal. Featuring the classic, high-flyin’ UFO line-up of vocalist Phil Mogg, bassist Pete Way, mercurial anthem-rock guitarist Michael Schenker, drummer Andy Parker, and Paul Raymond on keyboards, S I T N captures the band firing on all cylinders during the Autumn of 1978 US tour.

Most cuts included where recorded at the Chicago International Ampitheater since “the people in Chicago really took us to their hearts. We did well in other cities, but Chicago was like a home-away-from-home for us, and to this day it’s a special place for UFO.” – Pete Way