Tomb Metal


omb Mold are a Canadian extreme metal quartet with a neck-snapping style that pairs the uncompromising attack of American death metal with the doomy vistas made popular by iconic Finnish death metallers like Demilich and Convulse. The band adhered to this blueprint on acclaimed efforts like Primordial Malignity (2017) and Planetary Clairvoyance (2019). They expanded their sonic purview on 2023’s Enduring Spirit, adding jazz fusion elements, ’70s prog, and 4AD-style dream pop to the mix.

Founded in Toronto in 2015 as a duo by drummer/vocalist Max Klebanoff and guitarist Derrick Vella, the group, who took their name from the popular horror RPG Bloodborne, released a pair of demos, The Bottomless Perdition and The Moulting, independently in 2016, with the full-length Primordial Malignity arriving the following year. Second guitarist Payson Power and bassist Steve Musgrave joined the group for the 2017 demo Cryptic Transmissions, and in 2018 the band inked a deal with 20 Buck Spin and released the unrelenting Manor of Infinite Forms. 2019’s punishing Planetary Clairvoyance saw the band fully embrace their American death metal roots on a kinetic and technically sound set of songs that elicited praise from underground and mainstream metal audiences alike. An unofficial hiatus resulted in bandmembers working on various other projects, including Dream Unending and Daydream Plus, before reuniting in 2022 for the three-song EP Aperture Body. In 2023, Tomb Mold unveiled their most ambitious project to date, Enduring Spirit, which borrowed facets from multiple metal, pop, jazz, and rock subgenres. ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi