The Putz


The Putz are a pop punk rock band based out of Indianapolis, IN, debuting in 2010 with the self-release of their first full-length album, “Hole In One,” recorded at the historic Sonic Iguana Studios with Philip Hill, mixed and mastered by Mass Giorgini. In 2012, The Putz simultaneously self-released two EPs, “The Party of the Century,” recorded at Sonic Iguana Studios, and “Beach Bound,” record with and featuring Joe Queer. In 2014, The Putz released their second full-length album “Knock It Off” on Eccentric Pop Records. In 2016, The Putz released the remixed and remastered “Hole In One” on Mom’s Basement Records and the “Cut the Shit” EP on Something To Do Records. In 2017, The Putz released their third full-length album, “Clinically Inane,” which was produced by Joe Queer, on Eccentric Pop Records. In 2020, The Putz released the “Shut Up!” EP and their fourth full-length album, “Rise and Shine”, on Eccentric Pop Records. In 2021, The Putz released a collection of out-of-print material called “A Few Beers Younger…, Volume One” on Mom’s Basement Records. Most recently, The Putz headed back to Encapsulated Studios to record their fifth full-length album.
The Putz are also the winners of four Punk Rock Night Awards: Best Local Band (2010), Best Release for “Beach Bound” and “The Party of the Century” (2012), Best Pop Punk Band (2019), and best release for “Rise and Shine” (2020).
The Putz have played with an array national acts including The Queers, The Mr. T. Experience, Dan Vapid and The Cheats, Richie Ramone, and The Ataris.