Many things can be said about Detroit, not only as a city, but also as a pioneer in the music scene. In a city constantly changing and adapting, the music begins to reflect it, not only in popular music of the mainstream, but also in bands and individual musicians. Such a band was conceived in January of 2012. Crafting a style of their own by seamlessly blending styles of music such as punk, psychobilly, hardcore, classic rock n’ roll and a hint of classic horror, the Gutter Ghouls are creating a style completely unlike anything in Metro-Detroit.

The Gutter Ghouls began as a project of Branden Gelineau (upright bass/lead vocals, ex-Distinguished Gentlemen) and Kevin Hardy (drums/backing vocals). Soon they were joined by Billy Causey (guitar/backing vocals) and hit the ground running, immediately booking countless shows and recording their self released ep ‘Motor City Murderbilly’.

The band began to gain instant notoriety through a grueling regiment of shows, promotion, and recognition from countless national and local bands. Having performed with such acts as the Misfits, the Chop Tops, the Stolen Babies, the Krank Daddies, the Strikers, The Everymen and the Independents, the Gutter Ghouls have transformed from a small opening act to a mainstay in the Michigan music scene.

With a new album in the works, as well as a new music video and plans for touring, keep an eye out for the Ghouls! For fans of psychobilly, punk and the Devil himself, grab a beer and a shot, light up a cigarette and hold on tight!