St. James Jackson


St. James Jackson is an extremely talented, Chicago-based comedian who  has one goal: Greatness. He started his career at the age of 17 when one  day, while skipping class, he noticed that his school was having a  talent show. He decided to try his luck at Stand-Up Comedy and  immediately fell deeply in love with the art form.

From then on he began spending his every waking moment working to  become an elite comic. Now, you can see this young gun all over Chicago  performing.

 On stage, St. James is a mix of being verbally brash and energetic. His  unique cadence keeps you engaged and entertained the entire time. His  comedy is personal, covering topics such as how it feels to live with a  crazy religious family, his experiences with drugs, stories on race,  growing up naïve, as well as an abundance of “dumb thoughts” he has  while on the toilet.

St. James Jackson, with his work ethic and determination, has quickly became a hilarious comedian that you can’t miss!