Ethan Lee McCarthy will perform at Roadburn 2022 under the moniker of Spiritual Poison; a new creative outlet that has morphed out of what was Many Blessings. Having identified a creative stream that was somewhat distinctive from the discordant harsh noise of Many Blessings, and that didn’t flow into his work with Primitive Man, McCarthy christened it Spiritual Poison.

The DIY ethic remains, as does the bleak soundscapes that seem wired into his DNA, only this time they’re more focussed. With themes that explore the dichotomy between city living and mankind’s relationship with nature, overlaid with the juxtaposition of the digital and spiritual worlds, Spiritual Poison has a lot of ground to cover. Although the output is shrouded in a hazy otherworldliness, McCarthy doesn’t shy away from channeling his experiences of being a person of colour living in modern day America, the violence, and the end-times narratives that permeate daily life.

As well as performing his own solo Spiritual Poison set, McCarthy will also join Full of Hell for a special performance of their Garden of Burning Apparitions album. Both shows will highlight the maturing sound of an experimental artist eager to explore the outer reaches of his artistry.

-Becky Laverty