In 2014, Melissa Moore birthed the idea for the Gothic Rock Heavy Metal band Sonja while having an existential meltdown on a strung out flight home from Melbourne to Philadelphia. After calling drummer Grzesiek Czapla upon landing and later inviting bassist Ben Brand, the power trio plunged deep into secret places where fear and pain were transformed into obsessive pop hook-laced metal. The years that followed were filled with ruinous sexuality, gender apocalypse, casual encounters, generosity, discretion, danger, desire, paranoia, passion, and endless rock n roll.

“Loud Arriver” is the band’s 2022 debut full length that was released on Cruz Del Sur Music (mixed by Arthur Rizk). Featuring the Zev Deans directed music video for “Nylon Nights”, Sonja began the perpetual cycle of touring the US and Europe. Festival and tour appearances continue as the band writes their follow up album and are pulled deeper into submission to their goddess, Heavy Metal.