Birthed of laser lights and glow sticks, relating stories of dark corners and past mistakes. A sense of danger surrounds Shotgun Zombie whose blend of electro-rock speaks of a night out that never ends. Guitar harmonies that sear like cinnamon whiskey, drums that pound like beer, and vocals like smooth Guiness, with a soundtrack of electronics as heavy as a night of regret. And that’s before the after party.

Formed in Chicago, Shotgun Zombie features Brian Rowe on vocals and production, Brian Sanchez on lead guitar, Marko Preradovic on rhythm guitar, and Zack Porter on drums. The music was born out of desire to bring talents together and tread new ground in genre blending, starting with one part metal riffs, one part double kick, one part wobbles and subs topped off with slick pop vocals. Influences ranging from tech-metal to R&B and jazz to dubstep, nothing is safe or sacred.