Fantasy troubadours. Seventy Dollar Beard was accidentally formed in fall of 2008 by the comedy duo of Goulet/Nugent, starting with an idea they had come up with on a bar napkin about a band that takes the ridiculousness of rock and roll to a whole new level. It sat dormant for a month and most likely would have for longer, however Kris was asked by Nobunny if he had any performance endeavors going on that could be added to the hand-plucked “Nobunny’s Nuthouse” show. After not remembering the original idea and refusing the offer, he found the napkin and made sure Jeff was still interested. He was. Todd joined a few months later when they recorded their “Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Friends Like Us” album in his basement. Jon joined the band even later, but has been present at more of the shows than both Jeff and Todd. Try and make some sense out of that. Featuring both members of Hot Garbage and Todd from The House That Gloria Vanderbilt/Apocalypse Hoboken.