Rocket Miner


Rocket Miner, formed in February 2011, is original members Larry Hryn and Chip Wortel and Chris Ruffolo tackling the expansive guitar work. Joining them to hold down the rock solid rhythm section is Danny Garcia on drums and TJ Fulfer on bass and Ken Pendola on vocals and samples.

Their first record “Songs for an October Sky” was self released as a demo, before being picked up and re-released by Oxide Tones Records in October 4, 2011. Following that release they embarked on a Midwest/East Coast tour, with performances at some of Chicago’s top venues. The band released their record “Elegy” via Shunu Records in 2014. Rocket Miner has shared the stage with other great bands such as Laberinto, The End of the Ocean, Junius, Trioscapes, the Life and Times,, and many more.

Currently Rocket Miner’s newest release, ‘The Long Goodbye’ is due on on May 4 2018 on Shunu Records. It’s a follow up to their 2014 critically acclaimed ‘Elegy’ LP. The band is looking forward to promoting ‘The Long Goodbye’ with their memorable and bombastic live shows.