Kinda like a rapper more like a MC… Pugs Atomz arrived a Leo in Pittsburgh PA., son of a radio host and a painter. His love of hip hop developed when his family moved to Chicago; during grade school he would see graffiti on the trains and in his neighborhood of Englewood, these trains also would have rap groups and singers performing for spare change. The leader in him was born in high school, when a few friends thought his idea to be a Nacrobat was a great thing to be. Fast-forward a few years and Nacrobats (90 members strong) encompassed everything he wanted and had learned watching the structure and moves of Zulu Nation, Chi Rock, Lo Lifes, and Dem Dare. Breakers, Graf writers, DJs, Poets, Promoters, MCs all under his umbrella spanning Saulk Village IL., to Chicago IL., to Rockford IL.. At this time his parents would have people like Oscar Brown Jr in his living room performing “Signifying Monkey” and various poets and visual artists of the time schooling him to give him a sense of culture and balance.