pat egan and the heavy hearts


Hailing from Chicago’s south suburbs, Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts are a rock & roll band formed in 2015 to bring you indie music that echoes with hooks, passion, and nostalgia. Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts aim to create music highlighting love, loss, and loneliness through the characters and stories within their songs. Coming off the release of their first record “Love & Disruption”, Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts take a look inward and begin growing and writing together more so than ever before. “I think I was just afraid of letting people into my world when I’m writing.” Says Pat Egan of his creative process. For Love & Disruption, he would bring most of the song to the band and the Heavy Hearts would write parts to the established song. This time around, Egan would come together with guitarist Adam Chorak and bassist Pat Leonard to work out ideas.