Out of the barren wastelands of Trenton, NJ, comes MIDNITE HELLION! Formed in April 2011, the Heavy Metal quintet is hellbent on bringing proper Metal to the masses by fusing Traditional Heavy Metal with Thrash Metal to create a sound that is relentless and memorable. The band has been making an impact worldwide with the release of their demo, “The Fever,” in November 2011 and locally with their memorable high-energy shows. Having shared the stage with many great bands in the NYC/NJ/PA regions, including ARTILLERY, OBITUARY, BLOOD FEAST, WHIPLASH, DECEASED, MORBID SAINT, ANVIL BITCH, SWASHBUCKLE, REVOCATION, CANNABIS CORPSE, WARBRINGER, LAZARUS A.D., RAMMING SPEED, LANDMINE MARATHON, and DIAMOND PLATE, to name a few, the band is hell-bent on bringing the show to the world.