Chicago indie-rock band MidAmerican Elevator lifts dreamy vocal harmonies over a busy rhythm section, with guitars traveling between sparkly counterpoint and regenerative drive. On one level they give you Alvvays-like dream-pop vibes. On another, a bit of the Cranberries. On another, the Strokes (if Julian Casablancas was actually two women in a trench coat).

Vocalist-guitarists Paxton Long and Beni Yuzawa met in an elevator in 2013. They found lead guitarist Greg Taylor in a shitty bar in River North, picked up bassist Mike Vendiola through a friend-of-a-friend, and went all the way to Reddit to recruit drummer Dean Sinclair. Together, MAE is playing at stops up and down Chicago, and recorded their debut album—scheduled for release in 2022—at RCM Studios in Logan Square.