Martin Lang


Martin Lang is one of the world’s finest amplified Blues harp players. His musical vision is carrying on the tradition of Chicago Blues harp. Audiences worldwide have heard his harp as he’s backed legendary Bluesmen from Tail Dragger and Willie Buck to Willie Smith, Dave Myers, Little Arthur, John Primer and more. Lang most recently released Mr. Blues Mr. Blues, his fourth album on NYC-based Random Chance Records. His “Bad Man Blues Band” takes its name from his third album Bad Man. Lang brings over 20 years of experience performing harp with legendary Chicago Bluesmen: soaking up the true Chicago Blues sound from the men who defined it.  Lang has performed at the Delta Fish Market, at Chicago Blues Festival numerous times, the Chicago Cultural Center, European tours, stages around Chicago and the nation, and at public and private events.  

His recent albums show his evolution as a singer. Lang’s latest album Mr. Blues Mr. Blues is out now!