Sometimes planets align. Sometimes planets collide…

MarsVenusMoon proves that both are true with an explosive union of seasoned Chicago music scene veterans. Comprising Dan “The Fox” Edwards (The Krinkles, The Millions) on lead vocals and guitar, Matt “Sal” Favazza (The Krinkles, The Bama Lamas, The Goldstars) on drums and backing vocals, and Johnny Million (Big Hello, The Millions, Convoy) on bass guitar and backing vocals, this trio showcases a profound dedication to their craft.

MarsVenusMoon unites the future and past of Rock and Roll into a magnetic blend of hard rock, power pop, glam, and garage. Their music is a fusion of raw emotion, infectious melodies, and energetic stage chemistry.

As they continue to explore the uncharted territories of their musical universe, MarsVenusMoon invites you to join them on their journey. Prepare to be moved by the sonic mastery of a band that takes their art seriously and leaves an indelible mark on the world of rock.