Marc LeValle

Marc LeValle is a seasoned Chicago based comedian originally from Savannah Ga. He began standup back in 2012, and most recently earned the title as a producer on one the top weekly comedy shows in Chicago, “Comedians You Should Know” at Timothy O’Toole’s. You can also catch him every Saturday night hosting the “G-spot mic” at Reggie’s Rock Club located in the South Loop, and if you’re thinking a rock club doesn’t sound like a place for comedy, you’re right it’s not, that’s what makes it enjoyable. Marc always brings fun and loose energy to any room big or small with his charismatic style and smooth tone delivery. Marc addresses both pop culture and more intimate topics, such as growing up in the south in a single parent household, love for 80s music, being in a long-term interracial marriage, and much more. Follow him on Instagram @marc.levalle.