Nostalgic yet futuristic, Mamii weaves elements of R&B, funk, gospel, and alt- rock into an eclectic soundscape that inspires introspection and celebration. The 22-year-old Indiana native is a virtuosic songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has caught the ears of artists such as Syd, Jacob Collier, Steve Lacy, Westside Boogie, and many others. She recently featured on Westside Boogie’s album More Black Superheroes (“Nonchalant” and “Somethin Strange”) and is a background vocalist on Syd’s album Broken Hearts Club (“Fast Car”, , “Sweet”, and “Out Loud”). After performing alongside Doechii, Justine Skye, Patrick Paige, Maeta, Jenevieve, and Fana Hues, Mamii went on to open for Isaac Dunbar’s US tour, was a featured guest on Westside Boogie’s NPR Tiny Desk performance, and recently toured for Baby Rose and Q’s joint tour.