Lollygagger is a heavy stoner-punk Chicago power trio defined by whip-smart lyrics and riffs as fast and technical as they are accessible.  Their 2019 Self-titled Video album was followed up by Chirp Radio’s Best of 22 Album, TOTAL PARTY KILL via What’s for Breakfast Records. Razorcake Magazine said “This, I can definitely fuck with… the lyrical content is smart, topical, and biting, the performances are on point, the delivery is charged as hell, and there’s just enough “weird” to it all to keep any potential meathead proclivities at bay“.  Maximum Rock and Roll called it A righteous, sex-fueled party is crammed into the grooves of the debut LP… This act is fronted by a snot-nosed punk who hates boss, hates system, hates cops, loves screaming, loves exposing hypocrisy. Total punk attitude, total stoner metal groove”  The pristine sounding record was engineered by the legendary Sanford Parker (EYEHATEGOD, VOIVOD, YOB), but their live skills are not to be missed, catch them ASAP!