Logan, a 19 yo artists from Chicago’s Pilsen/ Little Village neighborhood. Started rapping a few years ago back in high school, but started taking it serious as a profession in August 2013. Being raised by a single mother doing her best, when it came to music he didn’t have much. He started off simply with industry beats, a mic in the closet, and a talented upcoming director J.Krown. Staying pursuant him and his director ended up being scouted by a talent manger/ consultant (Von Harris) and producer (Flight). Since the four have linked Logan has been professionally recording, and humbly making a stamp and paving a lane of his own within the industry. When you hear his music you hear his struggles, you’ll witness his growth as an artist, and you’ll hear a story from a perspective that doesn’t really have a voice at the moment. Logan is constantly honing his craft, steady learning, and passionate about becoming the best artist he can be. With a full sea of fish, the proof is there Logan will stand out from your average. 1636 coming soon.