King Melik


King Melik’s musical odyssey commenced in the unique setting of homeschooling, fostering an unwavering dedication to music. A graduate of esteemed institutions such as Merit School of Music, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO), and the Musical Art Institute, Melik’s solid foundation paved the way for his extraordinary musical prowess.

A pivotal moment in King Melik’s narrative was the mentorship he received from none other than Chance the Rapper. Their connection ignited at one of Chance’s renowned ‘Open Mike’ events, where Melik showcased his talent by seamlessly blending rap and violin. This mentorship laid the groundwork for Melik’s evolution as a recording artist.

Further honing his skills through the Chicago Public Library’s ‘YouMedia’ program, King Melik delved into the realms of producing, mixing, and mastering.

Identifying himself as an alternative artist, with mainstream and psychedelic overtones. Melik’s genre-blending music dives into the

complexities of love, his untraditional upbringing, his ever-growing confidence , and an unwavering determination for musical excellence.

His love for orchestra permeates the majority of his self-produced and mixed releases, underscoring the importance of the conductor’s control in shaping the final product. Melik, also known as Bryce Melik Thompson, positions himself as a multifaceted artist with a keen involvement in the production process.