Jason Kane & The Jive


In 2013, Jason Kane started as an acoustic artist, travelling and playing wherever he could with whoever he could. One year later, he crossed paths with bassist Nick Jive and formed Jason Kane & The Jive. In the Spring of 2015, they released their 1st EP and proceeded to tear up the Texas rock scene. Over the course of the next two years, The Jive had the honor to share the stage with many iconic acts, such as Ace Frehley, Moxy, Y&T, Dokken, Uli Jon Roth, and The Winery Dogs.

By 2017, after going through a revolving door of musicians and line-up changes, Jason Kane & The Jive released their self-titled debut album. Combining vintage sounds with modern elements, tracks such as “Courthouse Blues, “Crystal Ball”, and “How I Do” breathed new life into San Antonio’s underground rock n’ roll legion. In September of that year, they joined forces with drummer Thomas Chapoy, completing the line-up and re-enforcing the idea of the “power trio” in rock n’ roll.

In May of 2018, the trio entered the studio to record their sophomore album “Hellacious Boogie”, a ferocious full-throttle rock record fueled with funk, soul, and blues. Two high-energy music videos from the album premiered in the Summer, and the album was subsequently released later that year on October 26th.

The band’s continued determination to create and conquer is possessed by nothing but the music they live, breathe, and love to play.

“Brothers and sisters; let me show you where it’s at.” – Jason Kane, Vocals/Guitars