Hatter’s Riddle is a “Rock and Roll Mutt”. What started off as LNHRR 10 years ago it turned into a band called Decibel Hogg. Decibel Hogg quickly made it’s mark on the Chicago scene playing a lot of major venues and being branded Chicago’s BEST Original band by The Chicago Rocker Magazine. Decibel Hogg morphed into what is now Hatter’s Riddle. This band has found it’s line up, chemistry and muse. The band has come together and they are livin’ large, making the most of life, drinking beer and lovin’ whiskey. Hatter’s Riddle is well known for their tight rhythmic grooves and unique vocal stylings offering a new experimental twist on the rock genre as you know it. Live shows are energy packed aimed to stimulate the entire audio and visual experience. CARPE DIEM SUCKAZ!!