Glasshouse Owl


Four hearts fueled by a common desire. Four minds thinking individually and acting collectively. Four musicians harvesting emotions from their souls and pouring them out together to create a sky of sound for the listener to travel across, this is Glasshouse Owl (GHO). Just like their hometown of Chicago, GHO combines elements of blues, soul, and grunge to create an energetic style of rock. 

When the world was thrown off its axis, this group of friends set out to create something lasting, to share stories through song in hopes to be a light in otherwise uncertain times. Composed of lead vocals/keys/rhythm guitarist Mike Bargas, lead guitarist Mike Desantis, bassist David Painter, and drummer Mike Pescetto, GHO is a band who hopes to fill its listeners with energy and emotion. 

Dirty, distortion-filled guitars, vibrant keys, grooving bass lines, and melodic vocals with a growling delivery that could rise to a stunning bellow all over hard-hitting, pulsing percussions, GHO has created a style of rock that doesn’t check one box. Floating through a galaxy of genres, inspired by the sights and sounds, GHO is on a mission of musical exploration. An open invitation is issued to the listener. Ears up. Wings out. Onward.