Gabriel Stark is an artist from New York. He started making beats in 8th grade after being inspired by Kanye West’s Through the Wire and College Dropout. Upon reaching high school, Stark produced for his classmates and created a name for himself as a local producer. In addition to producing, Gabriel Stark ghostwrote rhymes and wrote songs for both artists and singers that he had worked with. W

ith his musical vision and hard work ethic, he was able to create every facet of a song for an artist. As time progressed, Gabriel Stark decided to try his hand at rapping and recorded his first studio project, Thank God It’s Starky which reached over 5,000 downloads in its first month. Since then, Stark has continued to progress as an artist and has been featured on some of the internet’s biggest blogs (ThisSongisSick, Good Music All Day, Pigeons and Planes, Camelback Music, etc.). His latest release, Starky Hendrix, surpassed over 16,000 downloads in its first two weeks of release. In less than a year, Gabriel Stark has gone from a locally known producer to a household name all thanks to his impeccable work ethic. As he looks into the future, the sky isn’t even the limit for Starky because he knows what he’s capable of and acknowledges that he hasn’t even tipped the ice berg.