Flying Raccoon Suit


Flying Raccoon Suit is a ska/punk band from Mississippi.

“You can probably safely call it a “ska-punk” album, but outside of one or two songs, Afterglow doesn’t sound like ’90s ska-punk. Throughout the album, they experiment with lumbering metal riffs, throat-shredding hardcore, DIY indie rock, surf rock, explorative jazz, upbeat Klezmer, and more, and Flying Raccoon Suit have a firm grip on all of these styles of music. It never sounds like they’re biting off more than they can chew, and it comes together a lot more seamlessly than you might expect. You can hear all of these different sounds when you dissect it, but when you just sit back and listen, it’s just an enjoyable rock record with big hooks and a ton of energy. If you don’t think you like ska, Afterglow probably has a song or two that will prove you wrong.” – Brooklyn Vegan