Farseer, power metal tour de force from Glasgow, Scotland, has been a staple on the UK’s live scene for several years. Known for their breathlessly energetic live shows, the band has completed several UK tours while honing their razor-sharp approach to riffwork, blistering drums and the show-stopping, gritty falsetto of vocalist Dave Bisset. While Farseer draw their influence from the venerable foundation of power metal before them, they have been lauded as standing apart in the genre as they delve into heavier territory, traditional heavy metal idiosyncrasies shoulder to shoulder with progressive and even black metal textures.

In 2016, Farseer released their debut album, Fall Before The Dawn, to critical and popular acclaim. The album was promoted with a tour that same year in support of Darkest Era (Ire). Interrupted in the following years by a number of lineup changes, in late 2020 the band was finally able to return to the studio to record what would be their swansong, Crowned By The Hammer, released in early 2022.