Erimha, which means Army or Legion according to Sumerian mythology, was formed in January 2010 by members Ksaos (drums), Kthien (rhythm guitar), Lykan (bass), Gore (vocals) and Alix (lead guitar).

Less than a year after the first guitar riffs were written, Erimha wrote, pre-produced and recorded their first full length album “Irkalla” in September 2010. “Irkalla” was recorded by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Mythosis) who, at his Montreal based studio the “Garage Studio” has been recording some of the biggest Montreal metal acts such as: The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Mythosis, The Last Felony, Cryptopsy, Neuraxis etc… “After only one recording day, we already knew that Chris was the producer we needed. He’s bringing the best out of everybody. He found the perfect mix of aggressiveness and clarity we were looking for our sound” said Ksaos.
Donaldson also convinced the extremely talented Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist/Century Media Records) to lend her astonishing voice on the track ”The Legend of Ereshkigal”. Only a few months after self-releasing “Irkalla”, the band signed with IME records (Itchy Metal Entertainment). In 2011, Erimha, mixing Black and Death Metal, brought a strong and high energy set to the province of Quebec, working hard on establishing the band as a respected act on their local scene, which payed off having Diusternas (lead guitar) join on guitars after Alix and Lykan decided to part they’re ways with the fast growing Black/Death Metal act due to personal reasons. In early 2012, Erimha signed C with CB Entertainment (an Ohio based management company). Also, Erimha, out of 260 applications, was chosen as one of the 20 bands that would compete for a spot on the biggest Canadian heavy metal festival “Heavy MTL”. In June 2012, Erimha released their first single “Ascetic”, which shows the new sound and maturity of the Montreal based act. In early 2013, Erimha will be releasing a second single in form of a videoclip and studio sessions have already been booked with Chris Donaldson to start recording they’re second full length album which will be released shortly after the launch of their first videoclip. Prepare yourselves for chaos!…