Doom Flower


Doom Flower is a Chicago-based band consisting of Jess Price (guitar/vocals), Bobby Burg (bass), Matt Lemke (synth) and Areif Sless-Kitain (drums).

“Limestone Ritual,” while reminiscent of many ’90’s and aughts alt-rock and trip-hop greats like Mazzy Star, The Breeders, Cat Power and Portishead, also sound unlike anything else currently being released. What’s most exciting about Doom Flower is that they’ve emerged fully formed. This is a band who understand who they are and what kind of music they want to make. And the execution confirms their skill set. There’s a ferocity in their decision making, from their controlled notes on the guitar to their minimalist percussion to Price’s soft, yet emotionally piercing vocals. Moody and evocative, Doom Flower has landed on a formula that should surely make them one of the city’s newest breakout successes.
-Britt Julious, Chicago Tribune

Limestone Ritual doesn’t have a single focal point–the interplay between Price’s tendrils of guitar and Burg’s resonant, minimal bass is as engrossing as Price’s half-mumbled singing. The sublime, easygoing guitar melody of “Break Cycle” exudes a sleepy optimism, which is exactly the tone I’d like to see for the music of 2023.
-Leor Galil, Chicago Reader

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