With his mind as the pen and instrumental as the pad, Dave Coresh scribes melodies that bob heads, moves feet and affects the crowd with his powerful vibe. Appearing at any performance with the newest Jugrnaut store attire, short sleeved t-shirt bearing the signature shield and lightning bolt, fitted hat worn backwards and titled stylish on the side with mic gripped firm in his right hand, the crowd rocks with enthusiasm as his commanding Battle Rap style orchestrates their waving hands. As an MC, one must be able to Move the Crowd, and with smooth beats accompanying his distinctive flow, the crowd falls victim to his vibrant charisma. Such is the bravado of Dave Coresh. Proclaimed as the ‘Boy Wonder in the Flesh’, Dave Coresh hails from DC. He moved to Chicago to live with his aunt after his mother was stunted by drug abuse and father became impeded by an arrest. The roots of his musical influences stem from family ties, which have a history of Church Choir singers and band members jazzing to the beat of the Go-Go Music Movement. Drawn to Hip Hop by the competitive aspect of Battle Rap, the skills of Coresh developed through countless evenings Freestyling against an array of lyrical opponents. Surrounded by a sea of onlookers during these battles, when one opponent fell, the next rose only to share the same fate as the previous. It was the rush of the instance, the excitement of the moment combined with the enjoyment for the craft that fueled him. With intricate lyrics holding universal concepts that a wide range of listeners can groove to without hesitation, Dave’s goal is to spark emotions through the use of his words. Whether it is to help a person grow through a situation or influence another to do better, he brings a positive outlook on life to impact the listener. It’s been a year since Dave began to pursue a career in Hip Hop, and as his buzz grows, he stays humbled by the opportunity to spread his music. Living under the weight of the notion of Hip Hop being dead, he strives to be the leader of the second coming of the genre. A fan of music standing on stage, orchestrating the waving hands of the crowd as a passionate performer, his level-headed lyricism gives him hope that, in the future, the name Dave Coresh can withstand the test of time and become a stable within the history of Hip Hop.