Crawling Vines


Crawling Vines is the alias of the eccentric, Chicago-based musician, Jack Holston, and now plays live as a 5-piece band~

Trapped in his college apartment, the young artist cooks up kaleidoscopic, retro-inspired tracks. He uses a hodgepodge of recycled analog gear to develop his own unique, DIY sound. Adopting production styles from psychedelic artists like Tame Impala while also maintaining a more homemade, blown out feeling like that of Ty Segall, his music is spacey, crunchy, and dark. The arrangements of his songs are heavily stratified; nearly every section offers thought-provoking, jam-packed productions analogous to the shoegaze mogul Slowdive. Catch his newest release, ‘Coconut,’ and indulge in the EP’s lo-fi, yet explosive energy.