Doc Wattson


Doc Wattson is an emcee/producer/engineer/instrumentalist hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. Wattson’s lyrics are heavily influenced by his studies of literature, jazz, and business, and his sound incorporates the many musical styles he absorbed in his upbringing: rock, funk, folk, jazz, soul… 2003 – 2005 Wattson was in the St. Louis live-instrumentation hip-hop group Sac Lunch (Sac Lunch The LP available on Spotify). In 2009 Wattson released both the Trouble Brewing on Baker Street EP and the Native Stranger EP. Then, he ghosted for about ten years. 2019 saw Wattson’s triumphant comeback with the self-produced collaboration The Daywalkerz EP. in 2020 Wattson dropped two 12-track solo projects and engineered/produced another Daywalkerz LP presenting the Know Sage Chronicles.