Cody Lee's Last Detail


Sometime during the summer of 2021, through the vision of Monsieur Brendan Cawley, the band know as Cody Lee’s Last Detail, came together in the glorious city of Chicago. Featuring the talents of aforementioned Brendan on Fender Bass, Caleb Ramos revealing the mysteries of the guitar, Larry, “ain’t no beat, I can’t beat” Beers on the drums, and songwriter Cody Lee on guitar & lead vocals. It was a match made in heaven. Bringing together the disparate influences of the last 60 years of music, a true ability to listen to each other when they play, and a behind human desire to bring forth Cody’s songs(as well as, young Messrs. Cawley & Ramos), this is the the band the Illinois Music Monthly just wrote “The Chicago band to watch in 2021/2022. Please check Instagram & The Book Of Face for the band’s live schedule.