Burnout Syndromes


BURNOUT SYNDROMES is a Japanese Rock Band from Osaka, formed in 2005.

They always challenge the limit of a 3 piece band with their poetic lyrics, emphasizing the beauty of the Japanese sound and original sound, which colorizes the worldview of songs.

In 2010, they won the 2nd Grand Prix at “Senkou Rionette” the band audition for teens held by TOKYO FM. In March 2016, they debuted with single “FLY HIGH!!”, which was used as the OP theme for the anime “Haikyu!! Second Season”. After debuting, their song “Hikariare(ヒカリアレ)” and “PHOENIX” was chosen as the opening theme for the anime “Haikyu!!” three times in a row for the first time. Until now they made OP/ED songs for popular anime such as “Gintama“, “Dr.STONE“, and “Those Snow White Notes”. In 2023, they released best album “The WORLD is Mine”, and ventured out on a world tour across US, Europe and Asia. Their new project is the OP theme song “Maou” for anime “The Misfit of Demon King Academy II” featuring Nao Toyama.