Robert O’Brien aka “Brewski” born on November 3, 1992 on the south side of Chicago. Growing up Robert O’Brien was the front man in several local rock/metal bands (Victory At All Costs, The Narragansett Tragedy, & I Killed Everyone) before switching over to rap. Was given the nickname “Brewski” by friends because he was known as the party starter in his teenage years. Brewski began rapping his senior year of high school while attending De La Salle Insitute in Chicago. Shortly after his first release Brewski grew a strong buzz in the Chicagoland area. Brewski used outlets such as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook to release his material. In a short period of time Brewski has already opened up for big name acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, Nappy Roots, LEP Bogus Boys, Syleena Johnson and etc. Brewski performance is described as ”hype” because of the high intensity/energy he brings.