Bre Morrissey


Hailing from Chicago’s south suburbs, Bre Morrissey’s music seamlessly blends candid, vulnerable lyrics with genre-defying production, offering a contemporary perspective within pop music. Her cinematic soundscapes create an expansive musical journey that consistently captivates, promising an ever-evolving, creatively charged pop experience.

In 2021, Bre released her anticipated debut album “While You’ve Been Gone,” chronicling her transformation from grief and loss after her brother’s passing to newfound resilience. This emotional evolution, intertwined with her exploration of romance and self-discovery, enriches her musical narrative.

Post-album release, Bre journeyed to Seoul, South Korea, collaborating with three South Korean producers for her ‘Pining (Reimagined)’ EP alongside Pink Nois. These collaborations resulted in three distinct tracks, each offering a unique rendition of ‘Pining,’ catering to diverse listener preferences.

Currently, Bre is deeply engaged in crafting her highly anticipated sophomore album, drawing from her diverse experiences for fresh sounds and evocative storytelling. Anticipate the unveiling of Bre’s latest musical chapter, poised to resonate profoundly with audiences in the upcoming months.