Artur Menezes


Artur Menezes’ playing is a distinctive blend of fiery, hard-rocking blues that at times borders on shred, combined with an ability to effortlessly switch gears into swinging, jazz grooves. His Brazilian roots add a unique flavor to the mix and further distinguish his playing from that of his contemporaries. Menezes’ songwriting sparkles as it switches between straight-ahead blues and funk- flavored workouts, and his vocals channel the deep emotional content of his songs as effectively as his guitar playing. Fading Away, Menezes’ latest album (produced by Josh Smith and featuring a guest appearance from Joe Bonamassa), was a serious step up in both writing and playing. Its arrival laid down a clear marker for his place among the front-runners of the new breed of blues guitar heroes. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Artur is releasing new music in 2023 with Black Hill Records.