Arcadia Grey


In the ever growing realm of 5th wave emo, there are 2 constants. Bands that make you feel; and bands that make you feel Feral.

Arcadia Grey, the Chicago based three piece (deemed as one of nine emo bands to watch by the Alternative Press), easily weaves together both— heart wrenching lyrics and explosive mosh anthems, ensuring you receive your doctors daily recommended dose of visceral emotional expression.

After dropping their debut album “Konami Code” in 2019 and being featured on a split alongside Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly and Oolong, the sparkle punk rockers have toured the US extensively with fellow 5th wave leaders like Oklahomas ‘Ben Quad’ and Ohios ‘Equipment’ cementing their place as a staple throughout the country.

Hitting festival season 2023 with reckless abandon (XLNC Fest, PUG Fest, Fauxchella 6, The Fest), Arcadia Grey shows no signs of slowing their relentless advance to the top of 5th wave.

With LP2 being produced by Kyle Pulley from Headroom Studios and slated for release in 2024. Arcadia Grey continues to encourage getting your extreme emotions out with healthy, quiet reflection after. The new single “Made 4 Luv” dropping in 2023 embodies this duality wholeheartedly with an apt bridge quote— “Hoooo-weee! Got a little bit rowdy there, we should bring it back down”.

some sad tunes you can bop to.