Aniria Turney


As the daughter of a Puerto Rican mom and a Salvadoran dad living in the South, Aniria lives the “Cultural Bermuda Triangle” daily!  Having moved here from El Salvador at the age of 6, the culture shock and the pleasing of 3 cultural expectations lingers in her witty observations. 

Because she started her passion for stand up later in life, it quickly became therapy that helped her get through a divorce and juggling a new dating life with raising kids.  Now remarried, her repertoire has expanded.

Her comedy expresses the “in your face” truths about cultural differences, dating, kids, sex and how men and women relate.  

Aside from stand up, Aniria is also an actor. She got her first break in the Netflix film “Naked” with Marlon Wayans. Other TV credits include NBC’s Chicago Med and Hulu’s The Act with Patricia Arquette.  She was also voted Tampa Bay’s 2017 Best Up and Coming Comic by Creative Loafing and she performed at the 2019 Burbank Comedy Festival.