Aisle Five


Aisle Five is a dynamic indie/alternative band hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago. Formed during their college years, this talented group of musicians—lead singer Izzie Rutledge, guitarists Malcolm Filichia and Simon Shah, bassist Meriah Fearon, and drummer Ethan Reinbach—came together through a shared passion for music. Once formed it did not take long for the band to turn into a collaborative and creative force. 

Aisle Five’s music weaves together the dreamy melodies of indie rock and raw energy of alternative pop. The duo of Malcolm Filichia and Simon Shah provides the band’s distinct guitar-driven sound. Their intricate and melodic guitar work intertwines seamlessly with Meriah Fearon’s funky bass lines providing the backbone of Aisle Five’s music. Ethan Reinbach propels the band’s music with relentless energy through his unique mix of precision and controlled chaos, seamlessly transitioning between delicate patterns and explosive fills. The soulful vocals of Izzie Rutledge top off the band’s sound as she effortlessly captivates audiences with the band’s infectious melodies. 

After a string of successful shows in Chicago, Aisle Five embarked on a Midwest tour to celebrate the release of their debut EP, “Emergency Mood Ring.” Riding on this momentum the band has much in store for the next year.