1982, In the southland of Chicago, a dream was realized when a band of high school students were able to play through horn-driven songs they had listened to since they could remember. “We knew we wanted that fat horn section sound”. says bandleader, founder, and lead vocalist Bob Baader. “The world had finally finished its disco phase and had moved on to synthesizer sounds, but we held our ground”. Bands with horn sections had been dying out in favor of drum machines and synths. This band never went that direction. They have remained constant and for that, they are proud. “In a time where glorified karaoke singers clutter the dial, musicianship is alive and well.”…. We started out with a lineup that had the typical rhythm section (guitar, bass, keys, drums) and 4 horns (2 trumpets, a sax, and a bone). We existed pretty well doing current songs and adding horns where we could or even doing a Blues Brothers tribute from time to time. “I’d have to say, I didn’t own very many records without horn sections pumping some air” recalls Bob. “As our skills got better, our repetoire became more sophisticated to include songs by Tower Of Power (we can do 20 TOP tunes) and Earth Wind and Fire while keeping songs by the legendary band Chicago as a focal point in our set. (We can do up to 60 Chicago songs)”…. Now venerable veterans of live shows, this wall of sound is ready to seriously take on the global music scene. “When the World Trade Center came down on my birthday, so did my day job. I decided to concentrate on the music that had been with me my whole life. I was in premed for a year, got injured trying to be a ballplayer, so I decided to get my degree in music. It was probably the best decision I ever made. I learned the ins and outs of scoring music and I decided to really focus on it.”…. I’m surrounded now with musicians who are fantastic players as well as fantastic people. Everyone does their thing, but they also listen. That is SO rare and I am truly grateful….. We would love to play for you. Turn your ears this way.”.